March fasting journey

We are happy to have you join us for what promises to be a wonderful journey during this Women's Month.

There will be activities and intentional fasting planned for each day. Feel free to do the activity for that single day or in an aggregate manner. For example, on day three, do both the activities for day one and day two in addition to the activity for day three. Activities will be listed by calendar date, however join in as you feel comfortable.

As you go through fasting: pray God.

We encourage you take a moment each day to reflect and mediate on your experience through the day. Take some time to journal and write down your experience. Each day before going to bed, write down one positive thing about yourself and store it in either a jar or a keepsake box. At the end of the month we encourage you to take a picture of all your affirmations and share a picture with all who participated.

We look forward to seeking God with intention this month with you.  All activities for the month are also available on our Kalēo SDA Church app along with notifications and reminders.